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September 14, 2011

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I'm editing this post from its original "Testing" (just to mess with Peggy...nah:) to say welcome to our members and (hopefully) readers. There are now 11 SCBWI Canada East Illustrator members that have access to post and I hope that makes this blog diverse, fun, fresh, and informative.
 Post all of your terrific art, both old and new but also use this blog to speak about the Publishing industry, the day to day thrills, and spills of being an Illustrator. Acceptances, rejections, up times and down, conferences, and events you've attended.
 Talk about our illustration techniques, favourite materials used, perhaps pics of the studio or space in which you create.
I think blogs can be very static, one dimensional, so please feel free to post about other facets of life as well. New baby pics, a new puppy in the family, etc. We are, after all, not only the work we do.

Also, I'm likely less knowledgeable about blogs then many of you so please, feel free to email me with suggestions and tips on making this one of the very best out there.

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  1. Thank you Alma:) It's an older digital piece for a Publisher in Toronto. I love doing the more cartoony work, so fast and fun!

  2. Thanks for putting this together Christine. I am looking forward to seeing what all of the SCBWI CanEasters are up to and enjoying their artwork. I was looking at the members art slideshow on the right sidebar and didn't see any of the images I sent you? Just wondering if you'd like me to resend or if you're still adding images.

  3. Sorry Suzanne, my negligence, they have now joined the slide show:)
    I think I mentioned to you that the Holiday shopping scene is amazing! Is this clay or plasticine or...?

  4. Thanks Christine, no worries :) all my artwork is created in low relief plasticine, pressed onto illustration board. I have dabbled in poymer clay too but prefer the consistency of plasticine.

  5. Wow..looks great. Thanks for working on this for us!

  6. You had to change to title... now my punny doesn't make sense!! lol. Thansk Chris - this is wonderful - can it also link to our personal blogs?

  7. So wonderful to see this up and running. Thanks for doing this, Chris! And looking forward to keeping up with all our wonderful illustrators.

  8. Peggy, for sure. I leave for NY tomorrow so when I get back, Tuesday, I'll work on blog links.

  9. Oops, first try at posting didn't work.

    Looks fantastic Chris! Can't wait to see the art as it gets put up. Any plans to manage/ organize posts, or try for any set frequency (daily, weekly, etc)? For example, by assigning days to people or setting up fun little challenges for anyone able to participate? Can't wait... :)


  10. Darn Adrian, sorry I'm so late in reading your post. I had wondered about assigning days to our members but worried that with all of our lives being hectic, and with many members having their own individual blogs that it might too restrictive. What do others think?
    I can certainly post illustration challenges, I'll post one soon and see where it goes. Again everyone is so busy but perhaps something like " first fast sketches, (of a topic) no erasers allowed" :)