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October 9, 2011

9:51 PM 5

Wow, this is nerve-wracking, but I'll throw up another blog post. :)
With a new baby in the house, I've been focusing on my adult fantasy novel in the last year or two, and so haven't been as prolific in my art as I'd like, but one interesting turn for me is some of the more detailed and realistic paintings that I've tried my hand at, along the lines of the lion image I've shown here (which is based off a reference photo). I've really enjoyed it and think that it's expanded my skill set and taught me a few new watercolor techniques, even if I don't stick with this technique all the time.
I'm actually excited to (barring any time management catastrophes) to possibly take a stab at a picture book dummy using this style starting in the new year, with a little (but quickly growing) gorilla as the star.
The unfortunate thing about the style is that it isn't that easy to throw up some quick images for blog posts here. :) But I'll share when I can!
All the best,


  1. Congrats on the new baby. What a beautiful lion picture. I'm definitely going to show my mum this. She's a painter too.

  2. Thanks Catherine! I hope she likes it. :)

  3. Adrian, how wonderful, a new wee one!!! (your best creation I'm sure:)
    The lion is amazing though and I can't even imagine doing such beautiful realistic art.
    How LONG did it take you to do the lions mane? It's as if each hair was painted individually!!!

  4. Thanks Chris. This took me a couple of months to finish, with maybe three or four hours a week, so maybe twenty or thirty hours in total? (just guessing) Yup, watercolor. A LOT of layers of paint! :)

    But, yes, nothing compared to the wee one!

  5. Wow Adrian this is stunning! I love it. Congrats on your new little one too. Nothing is as yummy as the smell of a new born.:) Watercolour kinda intimidates me as it is very hard to correct a mistake due to its transparency. You are master of this medium- well done!