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November 24, 2011

8:58 AM 3
I am still having a wonderful time doing all of my work on my Cintiq. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? (so long as you don't expect them to learn more then one thing a day, nor expect them to remember it tomorrow:)
There are a number of free tutorials re: Photoshop, on and learning how to use the "mixer brush" has been amazing. Check out that tutorial if you have a moment, it's inspiring!
Here are 2 examples of recent practice runs with "mixer brush". The first is a fast sketch, took roughly 1/2 an hour, from "pencil" to "paint", and the second was done over the course of 2 days on the weekend.
If anyone has ever signed on for the full tutorial, I'd love to hear what you thought of it. I am very tempted.


  1. Fun! Yes, I have used Lynda in the past, and really found it worth while. There is such a wide variety of tutorials. I think the challenge is just focusing on one. :)

  2. Thanks for recommending it JulesMae, I am now convinced I should give it a try and sign up. An early New Year's Res:)

  3. Also JulesMae, thanks for posting the CORRECT spelling of "", I've edited my post to reflect that:)