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February 3, 2012

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Inspired by CIS blog member Adrian Croft,  who, a while back, suggested an Illustration day, I'm announcing, "Rough Mondays"!
 I've picked Monday for a few reasons.

a) It gives those of us, with outside of the studio jobs, the weekend to create a masterpiece to post.
b) What is rougher then a Monday!!
c) Fridays were taken.

The rules:
1) Roughs can be posted anytime Monday. If you miss Monday and have something ready by Tuesday, you get a mulligan, and can still post. If you miss Tuesday and want to post Wednesday, you will be shot.

2) I'll post the topic (Why me? Because I'm like that, I've always been a bossysocks) on Wednesday.

3) If you are unable to post the image yourself, you can email it to me. Best done before Wednesday (see rule number one)

4) Only SCBWI Canada East CIS blog members may participate. So, Eastern Canada lurkers, do consider joining the SCBWI and if you are already a member of SCBWI, consider joining our CIS blog.

5) Only roughs are allowed. Finished art may be posted anytime you care to blog, but for the Monday challenge, it's roughs all the way. No colouring! The sketch can be as tight and detailed as you wish, or as rough and loose, as can be. It can be done in either pencil or ink (light or dark line, for our digital Illustrators) but must show the roughs progress. No erasing! Because that would be cheating, no cheating! (again, see rule number one, as I have decided it applies to cheaters too)

6) Any dimensions are fine, but keep the dpi low.

7) You must have fun! *

*See, told you I was a bossysocks. I was the kid in the neighbourhood who would not just TELL the other girls what game we were going to play, "pretend to be Horses",  but that they were to be Pinto ponies,  I , the Palomino Stallion.


  1. Sounds like fun! :) I should be able to play for the first one. Look forward to the topic!


  2. Yay!!! Thanks for posting Adrian, I was beginning to feel like I was talking to myself.
    What am I saying, I'm always talking to myself, unless the dog counts:)

  3. Ha ha, the dog is always a good audience... ;)