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February 5, 2012

9:39 PM 1
and I have to confess, I am in love.
I am in love with how fast the cintiq works for me. How I can do all my steps in one place without stopping to scan, trace and re-draw. I do all those things, but it's intuitive. It is how I have ALWAYS wanted to work but did not have the medium.
Below 1) a work in progress
2) a completed spot
I am trying out Sketchbook Pro – you can download a full version to try for 15 days (NON_CONSECUTIVELY). I am still using it - I have 6 more days left till I have to buy it.

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  1. Amazing huh!!! What is astounding is, there are still people that, when they hear digital Illustration, think of those ugly (some not SO ugly but still), bucket coloured, one dimensional cartoon drawings. They KNOW they could pick out a digital Illustration from a traditionally painted piece of art. Just NOT true anymore. Your samples are a prime example of that.

    Peggy, what differences are you seeing so far, with Sketchbook Pro, compared to PS or Illustrator?
    If you have an iPad, have you used any of the Illustration apps for it yet?