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February 25, 2012

8:16 AM 0
This morning, watching a movie trailer of the newest Disney/Pixar offering, "BRAVE", I had one of my rare brain blips.
First of all, take a look at the trailer, because this Movie looks super cool!

BRAVE Teaser

Secondly, I started to think about Queries and Trailers as one and the same. If you take away the visual element of the trailer, and translate what you are being shown, as the teaser/enticement, into words, you find that in less then a minute you must show the character and the story/plot. As important as the "telling" is what you leave out, the suspense, leaving your audience (Agents/Editors) hanging and wanting to see=read MORE!

BRAVE Trailer

While, for example, the "Brave" trailer could be an example for a Picture Book Query, some of the other's, such as Documentary trailers, Drama, Mystery, might prove inspiring for Young Adult Queries.

Apple Movie Trailers

So, perhaps the ever daunting Query, really just boils down to a Commercial for your book.

Conversely, how cool would it be to make a movie trailer AS a PB query?
 (mental note, amendment to brain blip, check Emma Thompson's availability for voice over:)