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February 24, 2012

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I often dream about the perfect Illustration job. After wafting back and forth, between Illustrating a Famous Author's manuscript, that goes on to sell 10 trillion copies, to Writing and Illustration my own book, that sells 20 squillion, I know that, for me, my DREAM JOB would be a Chapter book.
To be specific, a Chapter book series.
Once or twice a year (hopefully it would be more often) you have these manuscript's sent to you, you already know your character/s, you do one lovely colour image for the cover and then have FUN, penciling, inking the interiors. A steady, satisfying work flow, a steady income (doesn't have to be a squillion, half that would be fine:) and never again hear...
 "Can you draw 4 teens, full colour, in a Mall parking lot. Show the store and all the cars in the background, add some people walking around near the mall entrance (can you put a baby in the arms of the woman closest to the doors). Change the clothes on the teens to more age appropriate and while your at it, "punch" up the colour 'cause it's just not POPPING. The deadline is yesterday and, oh, it's spot art so our budget is $60. Can you Fed Ex that right away, no we don't have a FEx account!"

Ah yes, one can dream:)

 What's your's?