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February 4, 2012

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I thought, while we are all waiting, with baited breath, for the first ever, specTACULAR, "Rough Monday", we could host, "Old Junk Week"!
I'll begin, and can't wait to see what the rest of you dig up, from your basements, attic's, dusty shelves and old jpeg files.

As a child, I lived for Saturdays *. Most of us did back in the late 50's, early 60's. It not only meant Saturday morning TV (was always bummed when the Archie Comic books would run ads featuring the newest cartoon line up for the Fall season in the US, and we never got them in Canada) more importantly, to me, it meant the Colour Comics pull out section in the Newspaper... the "FUNNIES"!

I could spend well over an hour on my belly in the living room, paper spread out in front of me, because I wasn't just reading the comics, I was STUDYING them. The rest of that day would be spent, inspired by my Cartoonist hero's, trying to draw just like them. From about the age of 5, to 48, I thought of myself as a Cartoonist, not an Illustrator. I wanted to have a comic strip, be syndicated, be mobbed by adoring fans. As an adult and mom, I was sure I would be the next Lynn Johnston.  Lynn, in fact, got me my first adult (not sexy adult, just adult) book contract.  She recommended me to the Publisher. I didn't know Lynn but she had seen my work. I later found out, she wasn't JUST being kind, she was also trying to get the Publisher off her back :) but... I digress.
So, here is my "Old Junk". A few of the strips from my, not syndicated (though kindly rejected by King Features)  "Twenty Five, to Life", unedited, and with all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes my dyslexic brain could muster:)

* To our US friends who may be confused about Sunday comics being published on Saturday in Canada. Yep, the secret is out, we were always a step ahead of you:)
Na, truth is we didn't get Sunday papers here. It used to be a day of rest, even for the news.


  1. Chris, this a riot! Brilliant, well designed and drawn. You should re-submit for syndication. You feminista you!