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February 7, 2012

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Here's a blast from the past. Anyone alive in the 'eighties may recognize these old-fashioned hand-drawn layouts for former Canadian icon, "Eaton's". These are felt tip renderings on paper from the pre-digital era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. My first and only job in the real world was in their in-house art department followed by a decade of freelance layout and design for every major Canadian retailer that no longer exists. (Hmmmm, I see a common denominator here.) Maybe some of you will find this bit of recent history interesting.

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  1. Sue, I LOVED seeing those! What a great job too, working in house.
    I would of loved something like that. You have reminded me of how I would smuggle the Sears and Eaton's catalogues into my room and try and learn how to draw by studying the Illustrations of those round faces, always smiling, always white, babies and kids. Imagine that there was once a time when Illustrating people, clothing, furniture was more cost effective for these companies then photography? Cool "blast from the past" post!