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February 11, 2012

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Agent, Mary Kole's Blog,  , from October 2010, featured a  panel of industry professionals speaking on the future of the picture book, in the dawning age of ebooks and apps.

Here's one of the quote's I found interesting. "kids want a multi-sensory experience. They want to read their book, and then they want to play it, interact with it, take an imaginative leap. The book and the play are all part of how kids meet and interpret a story."

Now, do kids reeeeally want to play with their books or have we decided to make books that  play with and entertain the child.  I can't remember, as a kid, saying to myself, "darn, I wish I could do more with this stupid book then just read it and look at the pictures!" Now, the book did INSPIRE me to use my imagination, in making up my own stories, drawing my own pictures.
Without any bells or whistles, a book can be much more.

If now, the book, not the child,  initiates play, is the child's  imagination really being used? Will a child's imagination prevail over that  interactive device, once known as "book"?

I'd especially love to hear what people with young children have to say about how their little ones interact with ebooks/apps.

Interesting to see where it all will head from here.