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February 6, 2012

8:46 PM 1
I've started playing around with Junk Mail Illustration. This is where I quickly illustrate the subject heading or sender name of one of the many fascinating emails I receive in my junk mail folder. 

This one is titled: SassyChick

Check out my blog for my first foray into the wonderful world of junk mail illustration. Some subject headings just scream for an off handed art depiction. Some ... well, some are better left alone.  

Happy Monday!


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  1. Julie, that is hilarious!!! You mean you are really finding uses for that STUFF! I have never heard of anyone challenging themselves with junk mail headings, haha, your ARE an out of the box thinker.
    I'm a little frightened of what the next junk mail heading you get will be, for now though, "SassyChick" is SO cute!