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February 11, 2012

12:48 PM 3
Well, Chris (our bossy boss moderator, he he) said that we should both share art and non-art news, so my news is we’re expecting another "Santa’s helper" in the summer. :)
Below is an illustration I did after we took my first baby for his first Santa photo. He loved it.
Mixing reference photos and imagination is a challenge, but can have some amazing results when it works. Mother nature is truly the greatest artist. I’ve bought some stuffed animals that I plan on using as references for some upcoming illustrations. We’ll see how it works, but I plan on having some fun!
Happy weekend!


  1. OMG Adrian!!!! A BIG CoNgrAT's to you, your wife and the Big Brother!!!:)

  2. Yes, we just bought a "I am a big brother" picture book today. :) Some manners definitely need to be taught before the big day. Thanks! ...People do survive this, right? ;)

  3. Yes, they survive, but they don't come out unscathed:)