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February 5, 2012

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It's a new age in Illustration for sure. In just a short 12 years, we have gone from faxing roughs, phone calls with Editors and Art Directors to offer projects, ask for changes, mailed contracts and shipping of final art, to email, email, email and THIS!!!!
The Cintiq, an artist tool like no other. In fact, it replaces every art tool that I have ever owned and then some.
 My Accountant was in last week collecting my shoe box of invoices and receipts. He asked me where all my material bills were? Where were the "Wallack" (Art Supply Store) stubs for paints, brushes, paper, pencils and erasers? Where were my "deductions"? None! I have packed up the materials I did have and placed them all on shelves in the spare bedroom closet. I felt kind of sad about it, color pencils, paints, markers, good-bye loyal friends. 
My poor drawing table sits idol, in the corner of my Studio, lonely and neglected.  My Cintiq rules the roost, in fact I am composing this blog on it right now, while using it to check out emails and twitter.  My Mac is feeling as neglected as the drawing table these days.

Above is a demonstration at the Toronto Photographic Show, 2008. Below is the Cintiq 21UX, my version. The screen actually measures 21" side to side. I guess they don't use the cheaty corner to corner measurements TV makers do.

Both of these versions are yesterdays news. TA DA, the Caddy of Cintiqdom!
Now THIS, this is the newest version. The 24HD and really, I could just have it sit there on the desk, dust it, fondle it, and look at it. It's a thing of beauty!!! Practically speaking, the differences are more noticable, especially it's ability to tilt, be used in a standing position (for those artists that like to stand and paint) and to extend over the edge of a table, almost as if on the illustrators lap (though not)

 I will not be getting one:(
I'll be honest, I can barely figure out all that my version is capable of as is but, a girl can dream!

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  1. Wow, I feel so outdated! :D Cool new toys... One day...