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May 23, 2012

5:06 AM 0
Ok, OK, so it's been a while:)
 I loved seeing what everyone is up to and reading about it too!
Adrian, good luck with the wee one and sleep deprivation (lucky for them they are as cute as they are and just when you are on your last nerve, they learn to smile and melt your heart all over again:)

I have finally put in all of my vegetable gardens (front yard full, back yard full) and many things are already sprouted and growing with the great weather we are having here in Ottawa. So, was thinking the topic, "In the Garden" (a nod to Peggy:) would be an appropriate rough Monday challenge.
Any sort of garden/gardening will do and if you have an existing Illustration that suits the topic and no time to sketch this week, please, feel free to post that instead.