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December 1, 2012

7:18 AM 3
Hope everyone will join in and post their most recent Promo sheet, Postcard and/or Holiday mailer.
Here's my Christmas Postcard. I haven't sent promo's out for over 4 years now I guess and it's the first time I used a professional printing service to do so.
It was so easy, though I ended up with 100 of the things, so have no idea WHAT to do with the other 50. OH and can I just say, I was SHOCKED at the cost of buying stamps to send POSTCARDS to the USA!!!
$1.05 Canadian, EACH! Really? REALLY???? Easily 4 times the cost of printing and shipping of the card order itself!
Ah well, the costs of doing business I guess.... meanwhile, using to do up the postcards, I also discovered some cool idea's for Christmas presents. Discovered is one way to describe it, really, you get hammered all over the place with "you also may like this" or "you really need that" during your upload and card design process on line. BUT, have to give them credit, the pitch works:) I didn't order anything at that time, cause it would be just tooooo tacky to give gifts with your art on it AND your work contact info splashed over it all, now wouldn't it?:) I went back a few days later though and it was fun! Best of all, the shipping turned out to be free. I spent just over $70 CN, taxes in,  on 4 people, 2 different items each, and how unique a gift is something like that, huh?
So, here's my postcard, looking forward to seeing ALL of yours!!!!


  1. Very nice postcard, Chris. Glad to hear you got motivated to send stuff out again. :)

  2. Christine! Merry Christmas, and nice post. Thanks for the boot in the butt to remind us to get our stuff up. I'm about to post ... :P