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January 9, 2013

4:45 PM 2
Happy New Year!
I’ve been working quite a bit lately on quite a few character designs for some upcoming projects. I thought I’d show you a couple of them. The first one below was created for an upcoming PBAA flip app (I’ll post more details when it’s complete).

Ruby Safari with Jasper the Glow Bug

Before Ruby became a safari lady, I had originally envisioned her as a Space Mom:

This is one I had originally intended for the flip app, but his arms were too long to fit within the constraints of the template, so I couldn’t use him:

The Explorers



  1. Great character, Chris! I look forward to seeing more of Ruby - I think she would have made a great space mom:-)

  2. Chris, great stuff!!! :)
    I'm hoping we get to see the flip book when it's done. I didn't participate in it (my mind draws a blank when it comes to "creatures") but I am betting it will be amazing/cool!