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February 17, 2013

8:18 AM 4
A rough cover, since I  haven't posted anything in a while:)

Also, if any writers or Illustrators of Children's works are in or around Ottawa, and free to do lunch March 1st, we are having a SCBWI Schmoooooze. Members and non members welcome. You, of course, pay for your own lunch and beverages and these are great fun, casual and a welcome chance to talk shop with others that get it:)
If your interested, email me with your RSVP for the restaurant count.


  1. Looks great! I'd love to join you in Ottawa, but I don't think I can get away this time. Does this happen fairly regularly?

  2. HI Christine are you the one who is running this blog? I am the IC in San Antonio TX and I am trying to make it where anyone of our members could post on our blog but I don't have it set up correctly. Could you point me to the right person that I need to contact, so maybe they could teach me how to set my blog up...Thank you...Lovely image too...Also add our blog to the other SCBWI blogs if you like. Our blog address:
    My email

  3. Hi Akiko!:)
    We will certainly add Southwest Texas to our side bar!
    I'm not "in charge" but I'll be emailing you to see if I can help with the set up of your members being able to post:)

    Julie, gonna miss ya but I know it's a lot, to come from out of town for 2 hours.... you and I will have to wait for Montreal this fall:)
    They do not happen often enough, once a year if that. Days, weeks, then months just seem to slip by.

  4. Great sketch, Chris - wish I could draw like that! Sorry to have missed the shmooze. My family lives in Ottawa but the timing was wrong.