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October 27, 2014

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I have always drawn traditionally and loved every bit of the experience. Traditionally drawn art is still appreciated but when I started freelancing my work, I learned that many clients demanded digital art.
I work with a group of freelance artists on different children’s educational tools and my art director sent me a graphic tablet. I knew he had promised to send me one a while ago but I was still surprised when it came in the mail. I guess I wasn’t expecting it at the time. 

This is the Intuos Pro Medium Professional Pen Tablet. You can get access to more info about it by clicking on this link.

Today was my first time using it. I used Adobe Photoshop to paint a drawing that I have been meaning to draw for a week or two. Although I didn’t use several tools making this drawing, I can imagine what a vast field to explore this should be, especially using a graphic tablet.

How was my experience? Let’s just say it was mind blowing!   

I had heard it took 2-3 weeks getting use to it, but I can see myself using it comfortably even now. The hand and eye coordination is not too hard.
I always thought using a tablet would not give me the satisfaction I get drawing by hand but it’s not true. It gives the same feel.
A stylus (pen) is provided with the tablet, which is used just like any tool (a brush, a pen or a pencil) you would use to draw by hand. It even touches on the tablet’s surface the same way a pencil would on paper. It produces the same sound. The texture is very similar. The stylus has an eraser look-alike at the back just as a pencil does, and you can go in settings to set it to be used as an eraser to fulfill the same purpose. I thought that was really neat!

There are tabs on the left side of the tablet that are used for navigation and formatting the drawing. You can also navigate by natural gestures on the multi-touch screen.
The size of the tablet is just perfect. It’s not too small but also not too large to handle. It’s very light and can easily fit in a laptop bag for travel purposes. The best feature is that you have the freedom of working wirelessly, incase you don’t want to carry the cord everywhere you go.

This is a highly recommended piece of technology for illustrators. I am having a lot of fun with it! It is compatible with both operating systems, Windows and MAC OS.   

Here is an image of what I drew using my Intuos Pro. It has been inspired by one of my favourite TV series, Bates Motel. 

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  1. Annie great report. One question... when you first used the eraser did you find yourself brushing away the non existant eraser "crumbs from the tablet? I was doing that for the first while on the Cintiq, crazy but yep, it's just that real huh:)