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January 15, 2015

1:39 PM 4

Hello Fellow SCBWIers,
I am sure many of us, in this New Year, have set new writing/illustrating goals or resolved to work more diligently on previous set goals. I am one of them. That being said, we all know that sometimes life can get in the way of our ability to maintain our schedule. 
I have finally finished the first draft of my chapter book, but a nasty cold has put editing on hold. Many people may say  a cold is only a cop out. And for them it may be. But I know myself well enough to know that no quality work can be accomplished while I am hacking up a lung, wiping my nose and sneezing. And I think knowing oneself is very important when setting your work schedule. 
I have met people in this group who can work from dawn until midnight. I have a great deal of respect for those people. But their life circumstances are not my life circumstances. We all have to look at are situation and be realistic about what we can do. If you are only able to write/illustrate 2 hours a week that is fine. But make sure you are commited and diligent during those two hours.  
Whatever schedule you set for your self it must be assessed with vigorous honesty. I lack self discipline. This is not a flaw condusive to writing or illustrating. Many times I have had to ask myself "Am I avoiding editing because it sucks?"  Many times the answer is yes but it is less than it used to be. 
It is important for me not to compare my inside to someone else's outsides. My writing path to success is not their path to success, it is MY PATH. I received much support and encouragement through SCBWI. I thank you all. But I have doubts, just like we all do. I have been in one/one critiques and have asked straight out "Do I suck??"  As of now no one has said yes and so I continue to plug away. And I think I have improved. But to maintain my confidence and improve my work, and work ethic I remember to seek Progress not Perfection. 


  1. Just recently, I made a list of goals and dreams for my writing/illustrating, no matter expensive, complex, or unlikely they might be. It was a great exercise in optimism that helped me to move into this New Year with motivation :)

    1. *no mater how expensive, rather...

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