SCBWI Canada East Blog

June 10, 2015

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I had the great opportunity to attend the recent SCBWI Canada East Conference in Montreal.  As always my mind left overflowing with information and inspiration. The faculty of the Conference was among the best I have heard.  Thank you to you all for sharing your time and your knowledge.  

Linda Urban, an award winning author and former Marketing Director of a large independent bookstore, discussed the importance of the point of in which a novel is written.  Depending on whether an author uses first person, third person, or in the rare case of second person it will determine how the reader connects with the story and the plot.  Obviously depending on the nature of your story, (romance, humour, tragedy) and the age of your audience will determine your point of view.  Thanks Linda for sharing your views.

Cheryl Klein, executive editor at Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic,  presented how to pace your novel from plot to punctuation.  The pacing is affected by the time line; does it happen within an hour, a day, or more.  The dissemination of information will be slower or faster depending on this time line.  If the plot consists of high risks it will increase of the pace and the stakes.  This will also augment the connection between the reader and the characters of your novel.  You can access Cheryl's complete presentation if you are on the SCBWI listserve. To join please contact Michelle Jodoin. Thanks Cheryl for keeping us up to speed.

Bruce Coville, the author of 103 books, gave a very entertaining and informative session. All characters need a good plot.  A combination of action and adventure; and feelings and, language is the best combination in a plot and will interest a wide range readers.  Fiction is held to a higher standard of believability than reality.  Plot twists may include HA, belly laugh; WEH, tears, sorrow, joy or relief, or connection; and YIKES, gasp or surprise.  There should be an equal balance of plot and character. The readers must care about the characters, and also what happens to them.  Thanks Bruce for keeping us balanced. 

I really learned a lot from all the novel track speakers.  Thank You for time.