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February 29, 2016

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Can you guess what I did first on this list?  
I have made procratination an art form. When I was in school and was given a deadline, I was fine. I would create a time line so that I would stay on target. But when left to my own devices and discipline, I can waste a day with expertise and wonder how I did it. 
Suffice it to say, I have an issue with self discipline. I want that amazing ability that makes a person do something they are supposed to instead of watching funny kitten videos.   I have met people who ooze this mysterious power. If only it was contagious, I would walk into a clinic and inhale deeply the virus ridden air. But alas, this is not possible.
So, prior to actually writing this, I read three articles, watched two videos and checked my Facebook feed and Twitter to make sure I had all the information.  And I found that there were some recurring theme. 
1.  Cut it into bite size pieces. 
So. That novel is not a massive, terrifying, teeth bearing, drool dripping, snarling razorback, edit needing beast. 
It is simply a beautiful work of art that needs tweaking, one page at a time. 
2.   Start with what you like. 
So. When tweaking your work of art,  sometimes it is hard to know where to start, and this gives us another reason to not start at all. So find that favourite chapter, that dialogue that says it just right, and make it even better. 
3.  Close out the world. 
So. You know the stars are twinkling and your favourite band is on the radio. Block them out. The stars will still be shining later and we all know the radio will play your song 5 times before the end of the night. Focus on those edits and the stars will twinkle even brighter and the music will sound even sweeter. 
4.  You did good. 
So. Do you know what Da Vinci did when he finally looked at Mona and could smile back?  He sat down and enjoyed an espresso. You deserve it. You accomplished something big.  Have that decadent dessert,  take a long luxurious bath, watch Downton Abbey. Post how amazing you are on social media. Woohoo. 
We all have times when we have to work, but are not in the mood. But remember every word altering, plot changing, character mutating,  editing moment gets you that closer to your new agent or contract.