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March 18, 2016

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Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and the Irish everywhere and even those who may not have a drop of Celtic blood pulsing through their veins enjoyed a pint of Guinness. 
I often take inspiration for my writing from personal experience and those special moments of my childhood. One of those special moments was a meal of corn beef and boiled cabbage. I admit the cabbage was an acquired taste but I have a passion about this heritage and I have passed it on to my children. 
There are many conflicts that have gone on in Ireland, not the least of which is known as The Troubles. 
This is a tale of which I have not written. Perhaps I have found a new story to tell. 
I know of authors who have written successful historical fiction about Latvian injustices and those children sent from Europe to Canada to work on farms. What a wonderful way to teach our children about from where they come. 

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  1. Whether it's historical fiction or fiction, little bits of our past, no matter how tiny, always sneak into our writing. You'd never guess it from my name but my background is very Irish. And even in a fantasy novel, I managed to sneak in a tribute to my grandfather. There's a certain walking stick in my novel that's actually a reference to my grandad's shillelagh. And, if I could have gotten in a dig at my brother for the time he almost lost it (without ruining my story line) I might have done that too. ;-)