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June 15, 2016

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There are many ways that we can glean information at an SCBWI Conference. 
The key note speaker and faculty members are always informative and full of advice fit for the published and unpublished writer. 
I have found that the critique circles are an under rated source of info.  Perhaps it is because they are held at the end of the weekend and many attendees are overwhelmed and have reached information overload. But sometimes a surprise gem is found. 
This happened in the mid grade circle of SCBWI Canada East Conference held in Ottawa this past Spring.
We were all sitting around our assigned table, exchanging ideas and suggestions to one another in the usual helpful and respectful manner. Then, suddenly, a website is mentioned that will improve all our manuscripts. 
I know many members have foregone the critique circles; however they are just another way to learn that should not be over looked. Here is the website of which I write. 
Thank you to all members who share their experience strength and hope.