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June 15, 2016

12:25 PM 0
I have made an effort to start a non fiction or historical fiction novel. And have run into challenges. 
I know that there are many SCBWIers out there who have had considerable success in this area. 
Obviously there is a considerable amount of research needed. But how do you know when your research is done?  How do insert a fictional character into a historically significant event?  How much historical facts do you need?  These are all questions that I would think all historical fiction writers must ask. 
For a non fiction/educational book, how do you keep it age appropriate?  How do know when you have too much information? How do decide what children/midgraders/young adults want to know?
My ideas all seem to revolve around historical events of which we should not be proud. Again, this begs the question what is appropriate to what age group. But I also want to teach young people they can change the world without sounding preachy. This is a challenge in all my work. 
I look forward to any help out there. Please comment. I am sure I am not the only one who needs this kind of help.