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June 15, 2016

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Well, as usual, Alma, Michelle and Rachel  put together a fabulous conference for us. 
If you couldn't make it, take a look at what you missed. 
It opened Friday evening with a Steam Punk Costume party. 

On Saturday we were regailed with the always entertaining Helaine Becker. She found a creative way of explaining the business side of writing. "It's all about the money."

Alexandra Arnold told us to make sure our story had some meat. Give your protagonists a mission, conflict and consequences. Make the reader cheer for your hero(ine). Whatever the stakes, make them higher. 

Grace Kendall taught us about character building. How the protaganists speaks to secondary characters will tell a lot about his or her relationship with those characters and the secondary characters themselves. Some are more important than others. Keep those circles of friends moving. 

Jennie Dunham shared with us how to interpret the inevitable and dreaded rejection letter. The words used and the turn of phrases by agents and editors can be similar to a secret language. Now we know the key to the code. 

Tim Wynne-Jones gave us 10 Questions to ask your manuscript while revising. His presentation gave a systematic way to see where a story can be improved. I don't think it could replace a critique, but the manuscript will all the better. Now I know right questions to ask. 

I would like ro thank all the faculty for adding to our skills and knowledge. The SCBWI Canada East volunteers again put together a faculty that was both informative and entertaining.