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April 24, 2017

9:26 AM 4

I was going to type all of that up but I think sketch-noting my blog post was more effective & fun. Happy note-taking :)


  1. Yes! I love doodling and note taking simultaneously. I try to encourage my kids to do this at school, though I'm not sure how their teachers feel about it. :P

    1. I was the doodler in school. I don't think anyone ever noticed or cared as long as the work I had to pass in was clean. Although I suspect on-topic doodles would have been well received. I'm more self-concious of my doodling in public now but keeping it - related to the talk helps. Instead of making "a mess" of my paper I'm making awesome focused notes.

  2. You're example is so cool! Why didn't I think of this before?


    Donna L Martin