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October 4, 2017

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It's Inktober time again & I'll be posting weekly so you can see what participating SCBWI Canada East's illustrators are up to. The Inktober challenge is to sketch/draw in ink every day in October with the goal of improving your skills. It's a great challenge and I suggest you consider participating - better late than never! Make the challenge work for you and your goals. Here's why Lauren Soloy, Louise Bergeron, & I are participating.

Marla Lesage

I'm doing InkTober because I can't resist a good challenge and I want to get more comfortable with my brush pens and Copics. InkTober is a great excuse to get my Butt-In-Chair and work outside of my comfort zone. My plan was to do a tiny bit at a time so that I have a full illustration by the end of the week but I got a little carried on Day 1 & I finished the illustration in 2 days! You can follow my progress on Twitter at @marlalesage. 

Lauren Soloy

I'd been on the fence about participating this year - as it seems I always am - but what inspired me to take the plunge was a list of witchy prompts posted by @julianna_swaney on instagram.  It looked so fun, I couldn't resist.  I decided to keep them loose and small, and just have fun with it, and I have been having a blast so far! All pieces are made with my dip pen and nib, black waterproof ink, and watercolours. You can see them all on instagram at @laurensoloy or twitter at @lauren_soloy, and my portfolio is at:

 I do Inktober because I love the challenge and it lets me explore something else.
I would like to see if I can use their theme and explore ideas with my new upcoming books that I will have to illustrate soon.
I use Micron pens in different sizes and also Faber-Castell Brush pen. Some of them are quite old but I still use them to obtain very neat effects.

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  1. Yay! Nice work. I'm sorry, I meant to send one in ... I even reminded myself yesterday. Ha! Oh well, next week.